APNIC GUEST POST: A hop away from everywhere — long-haul links in today’s Internet

Intercontinental Internet communications lie on top of a complex network of submarine cables forming its global communication backbone. As part of ongoing work focused on the criticality of the submarine cable network, fellow researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I mapped traceroute measurements to submarine cables as a first step towards … Read more

Upcoming NSF Workshop: Towards Re-architecting Today’s Internet for Survivability

November 28-29, 2023. Dr. Walter Willinger (NIKSUN) and Prof. Bustamante are co-organizing an NSF Workshop bringing together an initial group of national and international experts to sketch and start implementing a transformative research agenda for solving one of our community’s most challenging yet important tasks: the re-architecting tomorrow’s Internet for “survivability”, ensuring that the network … Read more

APNIC GUEST POST: Insights from operating an IP Exchange Provider

International mobile roaming is a key feature of cellular networks, enabling mobile subscribers to seamlessly use cellular services worldwide. It supports international travellers, who can access data roaming at a limited cost (or no cost), often using applications with stringent Quality of Experience (QoE) requirements (for example, VoLTE, video streaming). Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) infrastructure … Read more