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We have made significant progress in the development and use of Internet-wide measurement infrastructures and have applied them to a wide range of experiments, leading to the emergence of ``big (Internet) data''. These large datasets have rich semantic content on the structure, dynamics, and usage of today's Internet at all levels, from physical, to application and service layer. Despite the benefits and strengths of these platforms and the voluminous data increasingly made available, Internet research remains hampered by long-recognized issues, ranging from the limited geographic and network diversity captured, to the tension between privacy, measurement visibility and experimental control. We believe that to make progress on these and related problems requires the collective expertise and input from the larger network community. We invite short submissions (less than 6 pages long in the standard ACM two-column, 10pt format) of (1) papers describing original, early-work research on topics relevant to the topic of the workshop or (2) position papers raising new issues or describing new or existing platforms/systems for crowdsourcing Internet measurements. Papers should illustrate what role platforms (could) play in building the envisioned community-driven meta-platform for the purpose of crowd-sourcing and crowd-sharing Internet data.
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