ScaleUp: A Free Chrome Extension that Instantly Speeds Up In-flight Browsing

Have you ever wondered why we pay so much money for in-flight WiFi access and still get modem-like speeds? We’re not getting into those reasons for now, but we are going to showcase a simple Google Chrome extension that will instantly speed up your browsing experience when you’re using in-flight WiFi. It’s called ScaleUp.

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Characterizing the impact of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Project

Over the last decade, the number of mobile subscriptions has grown rapidly, surpassing 7.7~billion by late 2017. Since October 2016, more websites have been loaded on smartphones and mobile devices than on desktop computers as users spend up to three times more hours browsing on their smartphones than on any other device. Despite the shift … Read more


The Short Story In-Flight Communication (IFC), which can be purchased on a growing number of commercial flights, is often received by consumers with both awe for its mere availability and harsh criticism for its poor performance. Indeed, IFC provides Internet connectivity in some of the most challenging conditions with aircraft traveling at speeds in excess … Read more


Mussel is a background service to meaure broadband service performance. It is developed by members of the AquaLab research group at Northwestern University. The name of our tool is inspired by the use of bivalves, such as mussels, by researchers for the purposes of measuring and monitoring water quality. Installation Download the file according to your … Read more

In-Flight Connectivity

In-Flight Communication (IFC) is an emerging technology to allow Internet connectivity from airborne vehicles. There exist multiple technologies to enable this connectivity, either utilizing modern cellular technology of satellite communications – each with their own performance trade-offs. Currently, IFC exists as a consumer level service on many commercial airlines, however we see this technology as … Read more